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Baby-sitting grandma and animal lover Love to laugh ~ all humor accepted.
brooklyn, NY
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watery catholic
why bklynmaggs? I've spent at least 80% of my life living in Brooklyn. The last neighborhood I lived in was Park Slope. For me it was Utopia! It was so diverse. Multi-ethnic, and filled with people from all walks of life. (Doctors, Lawyers, {I'm sure at least one idian chief hehe}musicians, production workers, actors, singers, desisgners city workers etc. It had original Park Slope-ites, and a vast number of people that came to reside here from all over the US. You could walk along an Avenue and strike up conversations with strangers. Just a friendly neighborhood in every sense of the word, a great community with a kick-ass park (Prospect) and residences who join together for a mutual cause. I now live across a bridge in another borough of NYC. Called Staten Island. It's nice, but does not compare to Brooklyn. My family lives here (houses are a bit more affordable). Family is far more important to me than anything else. But I will never be SI_Maggs LOL
RIP TAIKO 05/2001 - 06/2010 Forget about man' best friend, you were man, woman and children's BEST FRIEND! You never met a human you didn't want to slobber all over. Your stumpy tail could launch an aircraft when you got excited. I'll miss you terribly. Make sure you find Roxy and I'll meet you by the "Rainbow Bridge' XOXOXO

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More <33333 for Freddie


Freddie Mercury/Queen <333333


Coney Island - mostly Luna Park and Steeplechase Park waaay back in the day

James Cagney-Tap Dancing down staircase- what a talent!!

Real Housewives <33 especially NYC

Porky's out takes LOL

2005 King Kong best.remake.ever

Grandpa dancing to Lady GaGa on some show


Do you wanna go with me? Kong <333




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